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Май 2018

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Divine Celebration on Pentecost — Trinity Sunday

27 мая, 2018

Sunday May 27, 2018 / May 14, 2018

On this feast day celebration of Divine Liturgy took place at Lahore parish led by Fr. Paul. At the end of the liturgy, Fr. Paul told that the Orthodox Church sees Pentecost as the final fulfillment of the mission of Jesus Christ and the first beginning of the messianic age of the Kingdom of God, mystically present in his Church. It is traditionally called the beginning of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Besides celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit, the feast also celebrates the full revelation of the divine Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hymns of the Church, celebrate the sign of the final act of God’s self-disclosure to the world of His creation. To Orthodox Christians, the feast of Pentecost is not just a celebration of an event in history. It is also a celebration of their membership in the Church. They have lived Pentecost and received «the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit» in the sacrament of chrismation.

He also added the importance of the prayer to the Holy Trinity. «O Heavenly King…»


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Divine Liturgy celebrated on Sixth Sunday of Pascha: The Blind Man

13 мая, 2018

Sunday May 13, 2018 / April 30, 2018

On this Sunday, Divine Liturgy was celebrated at Lahore parish. Along with this feast commemoration of Holy Apostle James, the brother of St. John the Theologian also took place. Fr. Paul told that the healing of the blind man gives us deep insight into the process of enlightenment. We can learn much from the courage and honesty of the blind man.